[PlanetCCRMA] xruns

Yudhi Kusnanto yudhi@akakom.ac.id
Thu Oct 2 20:05:02 2003

On Wed, 1 Oct 2003, Jonathan Segel wrote:

> see how to change it. it seems to reside on IRQ 5 alongside the usb
> ports. i cannot physically move the sound card, it's built in. it has

what is your MB?. if you have MB manual, look for description about IRQ
Mapping. btw, you can't separate sound IRQ from USB if both are on-board
but you can change the irq if you know which PCI slot that has same IRQ
assignment. change on this PCI slot will also change the onboard chip.

Usually PCI slot will have same IRQ with onboard peripheral, e.g PCI slot
1 share with AGP/onboard VGA, PCI slot 2 share IRQ with onboard NIC, etc.
please dig into the manual to find out.

ps. on Asus board, the manual clearly explain this IRQ mapping. priority
of IRQs are:
IRQ0= timer interrupt,
IRQ1= keyboard,
IRQ2/9= cascaded (ACPI/available),
iRQ10= free,
IRQ11= free,
IRQ12= PS2 mouse,
IRQ13= Numeric Processor,
IRQ14= IDE0,
IRQ15= IDE1,
IRQ3= serial port 1,
IRQ4= serial port 0,
IRQ5= free (sound blaster),
IRQ6= floppy disk,
IRQ7= parallel port

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