[PlanetCCRMA] synaptic - - where is (you fill in the blank)???

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Fri Oct 3 06:54:01 2003

   I'm wondering if my RH9/Planet system is set up wrong these days. I
haven't made any real configuration changes to it in quite a while, so maybe
I missed some announcement. Sorry if that's the case.

   I wanted to help Aaron out last night. This hdspmixer tarball I gave him
compiles fine on my Gentoo box, but when I brought it over to my RH box (to
duplicate the compile problem he was seeing) I was missing some fltk stuff,
as had been pointed out in an email to him. So, I opened up Synaptic, and
was surprised to see that the long list of everything available was no
longer there, but now is more a list of general application areas, most of
them audio/video, with some apps under each heading.

   I vaguely remember this being talked about, but I don't remember exactly
what was said. I think you said that the old way made people look at too
much stuff or something? I guess I liked that. Is there a way for me to make
this look like it used to?

   One thing I really liked about the older way the Planet did this was that
I could easily survey this long list to see what was installed, how much
disk space it was taking up, what was available, etc. It used to cover all
the packages. On some list I'd read about a problem someone was having, and
the solutions, and then I could look in here to see if I was covered.

   Maybe my machine is just hosed up somehow? Or does it sound like it's
correct and this is just the way you're doing it these days? If it is the
way you are doing it (which is perfectly fine) then is there some
configuration file I could change to allow me to go back to the old way?