[PlanetCCRMA] Soundcard woes!

derek holzer derek@x-i.net
Wed Nov 26 07:25:02 2003

hi Rory,

shall I assume that you run PD under ALSA? Audio Player and Mamut 
probably use OSS. a good test would be to run XMMS with OSS and then 
with Alsa [xmms DOES have an ALSA plugin under CCRMA, right? I can't 
remember!] and see which works. My guess is that OSS-emulation isn't 
working right. Look on at the ALSA documentation for the rigth 
modules.conf lines, perhaps.

maybe post your modules.conf here, for further examination?

finally, any reason why you chose RedHat 8? not that I can tell you 
exactly what difference it makes, of course, just that it would make 
more sense to run 9.

good luck,

Rory Walsh wrote:
> Hi list, I just installed planetccrma and fristly I
> must say WOW!! Great stuff, however I am having one or
> two problems. The first is that whenever i use Audio
> Player to play a sound file it just loops the first
> few seconds over and over for about 30 seconds while
> the application hangs? I also get this when I play a
> sound through Mammut, however, when I use Pd
> everything runs as expected. My soundcard is a VIA8233
> AC97 and the reason I installed PlanetCCRMA was
> becuase I could not configure this card to work any
> other way? Any help is greatly appreciated! Also I am
> running Redhat 8.0.
> Rory.   
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