[PlanetCCRMA] Self built RH9 install CD's

Peter Lawler planetccrma@six-by-nine.com.au
Tue Nov 25 14:50:03 2003

Hi Fernando (and Alex)
I'll combine responses here.

To both of you, thanks for your posts, certainly assists the confidence
levels on this side of the great ditch.

My main problem at the moent seems to be with the second apt enabled CD
complaining about the XFree-tools being a 'bad' image. As such, it's a
bad burn that I've managed to repeat twice. Thus, although what you've
provided is of great assistance, at the completion of the burn process
there's only two ways of testing the CD, manually going through checking
each RPM or trying an install. Both incredibly time consuming.

Please reconsider publishing accurate MD5's for home brewed CDROMs.



Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
>>Just wondering if someone can get some md5's of the RH9 CD's with the
>>apt enbled on it.
>>The instructions on the web page for enabling the CD's with apt contain
>>'odd' details, such as name RH9 CD RH8, and no disc number. I would be
>>additionally appreciative if someone can tell me the volume names for
>>these discs as I would suspect that's what's causing the md5 check
>>against the pusblished CD's from CCRMA, but I cannot be sure.
> Just ignore the md5 checksums, they are used to check if the download of
> an image is correct. In your case (home brew cd) you can check the
> integrity in two steps, first check the original redhat install cd's you
> have with their checksum (the original from RedHat). So you know they
> are fine. 
> For the second step you need the md5sums of the tarfiles with the apt
> database (which I never thought on putting on the web)... here they are
> for redhat 9:
> 69d520fe8689a1e432307bb7b70b77e0  shrike-i386-disc1-apt.tar.gz
> 70d8d98352ec40d736e737376ce74430  shrike-i386-disc2-apt.tar.gz
> 8595cef84f7112cfbda554b709c09169  shrike-i386-disc3-apt.tar.gz
> It does not really matter what you put on the volume names as long as it
> makes sense to you. 
> -- Fernando