[PlanetCCRMA] Self built RH9 install CD's

Peter Lawler planetccrma@six-by-nine.com.au
Tue Nov 25 10:51:02 2003

Just wondering if someone can get some md5's of the RH9 CD's with the
apt enbled on it.

The instructions on the web page for enabling the CD's with apt contain
'odd' details, such as name RH9 CD RH8, and no disc number. I would be
additionally appreciative if someone can tell me the volume names for
these discs as I would suspect that's what's causing the md5 check
against the pusblished CD's from CCRMA, but I cannot be sure.

Much appreciative,


Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
>>Just wondering whether I've missed a step, although I doubt it. The RH9
>>Install #1 CD complains about MD5 checksums being wrong.
>>Might it just be the dodgy CD drive I'm using in this test machine, have
>>I missed a step somewhere, or do the docs miss this step, etc.?
> Use the checksum that is on the web site and the md5sum command, at the
> time I built them I did not know how to embedd the proper checksum
> _into_ the cdrom. The nternal redhat check will fail (because of the
> added apt database). 
> -- Fernando