[PlanetCCRMA] Planet CCRMA lands on the Fedora Core 1 universe

Taybin Rutkin Taybin Rutkin <taybin@earthlink.net>
Tue Nov 25 10:20:03 2003

Yes.  0.90.1 is functional as far as we know. :)


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> > No, I have not been sleeping all this time... so, for those that like to
> > live on the bleeding edge (hi Ryan! :-) here comes...
> Thank you so much, Fernando!  I can now build jack and ardour again! 

BTW, I think the bug in jack 0.90.0 is fixed, right?

> What did you do about prelinking?  Is there a way to disable it?  Or did
> you use that patch you posted to jackit-devel?

I use the patch I posted. A hack but works (lately I'm using the "h"
word too often). AFAIK only jackstart is affected. 

As Joseph comments later on this thread prelinking can also be disabled
either globally or per directory. I don't think there is a way to
disable it for a single binary through the configuration file. 

-- Fernando

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