planet on debian [Re: [PlanetCCRMA] ISO images]

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Nov 13 17:33:01 2003

> Yes, there is a question in here somewhere... I've browsed through the manual and, although I see
> that planet is managed with apt, I didn't see anything about how to proceed down the planet path
> when you're starting with a debian system.  (I'm sorry if it's in there and I missed it.  If so, a
> friendly pointer or page number would be prefered to a "RTFM".)  I'm guessing there's a short
> answer to this question, given that apt is used, but comments/advice on getting started with
> planet+debian would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, but the Planet CCRMA packages only work (so far) on top of the
RedHat distribution... (7.3, 8.0, 9 and soon Fedora Core 1) They are rpm
packages which are completely alien to Debian (the apt I'm using is "apt
for rpm", same as Debian's but using rpm packages at the back end
instead of .deb packages). 

If you are interested in debian and multimedia you should take a look at
Demudi, which is build for Debian users, see the pointers in 

Sorry for the confusion but I think the RedHat requirement is stated at
the very beginning of the pages. 

-- Fernando