[PlanetCCRMA] Updating/creating apt database

Barton Bosch barton_bosch@yahoo.com
Wed Nov 12 14:05:02 2003


Thanks to your help I am close to creating the apt
database for my update disk, but there are still a
couple of problems:

--- Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano
<nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU> wrote: 
> I would recreate the structure of the old cdrom. But
> as long as apt and
> genbasedir are happy it should not matter. 

I recreated the structure of the Planet Update CDROM
with one difference.  I added the directory
/mirror/redhat/linux/updates/9/en/os/srpms for the
updated source RPMs.  Will this work?  Is there a
better place for the SRPMs?
> > and, 3)What would the syntax for the appropriate
> > genbasedir/genpkglist command (which I gather
> should
> > be executed from the /apt/.../base directory of
> the
> > tree.)?
> I think it should be executed from the apt
> directory, not apt/base, when
> I create the redhat cdroms I use:
>   genbasedir --flat --bloat --bz2only --progress
> $APTDIR/ os
> (I think in the new repo I don't add the
> "--bz2only")
> Where APTDIR is:
> CDROMDIR=where the copy of the cdrom resides

I copied all of the i386 RPMs to /mirror/.../i386, the
i686 RPMs (kernel, alsa-kernel and midishare kernel)
to /mirror/.../i686, and the src RPMs to
/mirror/.../srpms.  Then from /tmp/update/apt, I ran:

[root@localhost apt]# genbasedir --flat --bloat
--bz2only --progress
/tmp/update/mirror/redhat/linux/updates/9/en/os athlon
i386 i586 i686 noarch srpms
Components: athlon i386 i586 i686 noarch srpms
Processing pkglists... [done]
Processing srclists... [done]
Creating component releases... [done]
Updating global release file... [done]
Appending MD5Sum... athlon i386 i586 i686 noarch srpms
All your base are belong to us!!!

This command did cause a base dir to be created over
in the /os directory on the mirror side of the tree,
but it only had the various global and component
release files -- no pkglist.bz2 file, no hashfile.

I tried the above genbasedir command on the mirror
branch after using it on the apt branch resulting in a
failure to find any packages at all.  I am guesing
that this is because I did not make an
apt/redhat/9/en/i386/RPMS.updates directory that is a
symlink to the RPMs on the mirror branch.  Is this the
case?  If so should I create one RPMS.updates
directory with symlinks to the i386, i686, and src
packages or should I create three separate directories
that are symlinks to the i386, i686 and srpms
directories individually?  And is it sufficient to
link the RPMS.<component_dir> directory to the
corresponding component directory, or must I make a
symlink to each and every individual RPM?

And assuming that I can get this apt database put
together and added to my local CD repository I was
wondering, when updating the kernel and alsa drivers
should I do an apt-get planetccrma-core or apt-get the
individual rpms?  Or should I use synaptic to get the
new kernel and alsa rpms?




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