[PlanetCCRMA] Planet CCRMA - Fedora compatibility

luciorgomes luciorgomes@uol.com.br
Tue Nov 11 10:55:01 2003

Hi Fernando

The successor of RedHat, Fedora, is an
apt based distribution (like Planet
CCRMA packages are). I included the Fedora
repositories for RH9 (and Livna - the
"unofficial" packages of Fedora) in my
apt.sources and made an "apt-update" for
tests purposes. I just tried to
install some packages and apt tells me
that will uninstall lots of packages
of CCRMA (I think that under Fedora
Core will be the same). The
incompatibility are related in most
cases to video applications (Mplayer
in my test, that is part of Fedora/Livna). 

In Fedora site there's an alert for
this in here:


They propose to independent packagers
to submit their work under a
bureaucratic submission procedure that
I don't think is good for the Planet
update dynamics. 

Am I wrong or Fedora and Planet
CCRMA are (or will be) incompatible?



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