[PlanetCCRMA] supercollider 3

smoerk smoerk@gmx.de
Sat Nov 8 17:05:02 2003

Ryan wrote:

> As a fan of supercollider, I get excited when I read anything about the
> linux port.  Sadly, it seems to me sc3's time is not now.

sc3 linux time is just now. several people are using it successfully and 
there are wiki pages for sc3 linux that describe how to install and run 
supercollider on linux

> I'm not going to be able to learn emacs anytime soon and besides emacs
> provides zero graphic functionality.  And unfortunately scfront seems to
> do nothing but start sclang.  Has anyone been able to use scfront to
> make sound yet?

yes. you have to start the server manually.

> I used to pester James McCartney the author back in the os9 days and I
> followed the early phases of sc3 development.  It seems/ed to me that
> linux support was an afterthought proposed by sc3 enthusiasts but never
> really even endorsed by James.  I'm not sure why platform specific
> graphic/front-ends were chosen on an OSS project when things like
> wxPython are out there and stable, but oh well the developers know what
> they're doing (plus James works for apple). 

iirc, when james started developing sc3 server, he didn't know that he 
will release sc3 as open source. of course his main goal was developing 
the software for osx (keep in mind that he developed sc3 alone). why 
should he use a library that he doesn't know, when there is Cocoa. after 
he had been employed by apple he released sc3 under the GPL and other 
developers joined. besides the GUI stuff it seems that supercollider is 
quite portable. the windows port of the server was done in less than 2 

as we have GNUstep for unix, it should be possible to port even the GUI 
stuff without rewriting everything. but i'm not sure if any of the 
developers is familiar with GNUstep.

> I think I'm going to have to give up the dream of sc3/linux if/until
> someone puts together a decent front-end.

scfront is not very sophisticated, but it works.