[PlanetCCRMA] HopelessDSP...

derek holzer derek@x-i.net
Tue Nov 4 11:04:53 2003

>Did you ever try using the Planet CCRMA RedHat kernel with capabilities?
trust me, i tried all kinds of permutations on kernels and boot options 
involving the ACPI and PCI flags i could find. the problem is one i 
remember from when i first tried Red Hat... the PCMCIA slots just never 
seemed to get recognized right or something. i figured that if the 
Planet kernel was more vanilla, then those problems would disappear. 
that is why i was curious how different the Planet kernel is.

>From what you say it is not alsa, it is something in the PCMCIA
>system (in your successful tests with Debian, which version of alsa were
>you using?)
my version of DeMuDi had some semi-old ALSA drivers, but i don't 
remember the version number. i can check the DeMuDi live CD that load 
the card fine and get back to you.

>maybe it is time to try to release (in a few days) another
>set of test alsa packages to see what's new in the RME front in alsa.

let me know and i will happily guinea-pig them.