[PlanetCCRMA] package requests: jamin, alsa + jack plugins for xmms

derek holzer derek@x-i.net
Tue Nov 4 10:53:01 2003

speaking of Jamin, i was just trying to compile it from source and ran 
into something quite curious:

when configuring for the build, it stops when it is looking for jack.pc 
because it cannot be found. but i just checked my other machine, also 
running planetccrma, and found that the file DOES exist there. i am a 
bit confused. do you know how i could get pkgconfig to generate this 
jack.pc file for the one machine? or is it safe just to copy the one 
over from the other? [probably not, i know...]

>>i was just 
>>playing with Jamin on a DeMuDi live CD, and thought it was pretty nice. 
>>[for those who don't know it:Jamin is a mastering tool for Jack.] also, 
>>an ALSA and a Jack plugin for XMMS might be all right. of course, i can 
>>build them from source [and probably will this week, in the case of 
>>Jamin!], but i think they might appeal to more folks here than just me