[PlanetCCRMA] HopelessDSP...

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Nov 4 10:34:01 2003

> alright, i give up! this HDSP card works super with the Planet with a 
> PCI card, works fine with Debian on my laptop via cardbus, and even 
> fires right up with an ALSA-enabled Knoppix live CD. i just don't know 
> what it is about Red Hat and my laptop that makes them mutually 
> incompatible!
> if i understand right, the Planet kernel is more vanilla than the normal 
> Red Hat one, right? so maybe the problem with the PCMCIA interface is 
> not there, but in something else that Red Hat does while loading all the 
> modules, etc etc... 'Nando, do you have any idea about this? if a Debian 
> kernel can load the PCMCIA stuff right, why can't a Planet kernel do it?

There may be tons of differences in the Debian kernel, I have no idea
how patched they are. 

Did you ever try using the Planet CCRMA RedHat kernel with capabilities?

I don't have a PCMCIA card to test so it is hard to say what could be
wrong (I don't even have a laptop right now, it finished dying while at
IRCAM). From what you say it is not alsa, it is something in the PCMCIA
system (in your successful tests with Debian, which version of alsa were
you using?)

> sighhhhh.... oh well, i guess i am installing gentoo this week....

I know, very frustrating at times. Join the club...
Sorry you are having so many problems. 

On the other hand Thomas (the guy that is working on the hdsp driver) is
now settled down and back on the alsa list and he sent some patches to
Takashi so maybe it is time to try to release (in a few days) another
set of test alsa packages to see what's new in the RME front in alsa. 

-- Fernando