[PlanetCCRMA] Re: burning the CD .img's on a PC

Mr.Freeze theremin@free.fr
Sun Nov 2 13:07:01 2003

Why not having released image files in *.iso format instead of *.img? 

Isn't the latter proprietary (CDR-Win or so)?
That was my assumption when I first burned the Planet CCRMA Red Hat cds under
Windows, by making a *.cue sheet with a notepad, as Nero didn't detect my *.img

FILE "image_name.img" BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00  
where 2352 is the number of bytes from each sector divided in 16 header bytes
and 2336 data bytes.

Windows does allow non-relative paths or spaces on the name... but this should
work with Linux too if both conditions aren't respected, shouldn't it?

It seems Linux GUI-ed burning apps really prefer iso to img files (k3b,
xcdroast...) even if one less user-friendly (speaking in the name of former
windows users) but more efficient command line can be invoked: 
cdrecord dev=x,x,x *.img
  where x,x,x is the burning device as defined by cdrecord -scanbus
  and *.img the path and name of your img file
(Just quoting Fernando a few months ago.)

One more feature (useless for internet wired users):
Can img files be mounted with this command?
mount -t iso9660 <file> <path> -o loop

Anyway, that extension choice issue won't show itself anymore provided the next
apt-get-ready Fedora One release...