[PlanetCCRMA] Experience with USB sound devices ?

Sampo Savolainen v2@iki.fi
Sat Nov 1 05:17:02 2003

I'm using a M-Audio quattro. The device is very flaky. I have spent days
figuring out the combination of kernel-alsa-jack parameters-driver loading
(you can check out my recent mail on the list). On the other hand, my system
works very well at the moment. The latency for my use (Ardour, recording a
demo for our band) is not an issue and the sound quality is outstanding, I
have midi, and if the latency would become an issue in monitoring, I have
the direct monitoring button...

But, having said that, if I would have the choice between a delta44 + midi
usb or the quattro, I wouldn't hesitate buying the delta.

>From what I've heard, some people just seem to have the perfect hardware for
the quattro, and when that happens, it works like a charm and you don't have
to worry for a second about it working or not. Everyone else suffers.


Quoting Ekkehard Görlach <e.goerlach@computer.org>:

> Hello,
> currently I am considering to buy a new sound card or an external
> audio interface connecting via USB. More specifically I think of a
> Midiman Delta Audiophile 2496 PCI card or the corresponding USB
> Audiophile device.
> Having Googled around I see that most people do not recommend USB
> devices primarily because of the increased latency involved. The USB
> Audiophile offers configuration of the latency to best match the
> systems performance (question off course is whether those settings can
> be read/set from a linux box).
> Personally I am not shure (pretty new to all this) whether low latency
> is first priority for me as for most of the time I am either recording
> or playing.
> Does anybody have experiences with USB audio interfaces ?  
> Thanks,
> Ekkehard
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