[PlanetCCRMA] Experience with USB sound devices ?

Ekkehard Görlach e.goerlach@computer.org
Sat Nov 1 03:28:44 2003


currently I am considering to buy a new sound card or an external
audio interface connecting via USB. More specifically I think of a
Midiman Delta Audiophile 2496 PCI card or the corresponding USB
Audiophile device.

Having Googled around I see that most people do not recommend USB
devices primarily because of the increased latency involved. The USB
Audiophile offers configuration of the latency to best match the
systems performance (question off course is whether those settings can
be read/set from a linux box).

Personally I am not shure (pretty new to all this) whether low latency
is first priority for me as for most of the time I am either recording
or playing.

Does anybody have experiences with USB audio interfaces ?