[PlanetCCRMA] Source kernel.

Jim Wilferling wolf67@comcast.net
Wed May 28 15:49:00 2003

Hi and thanks and wrlcome back, Hope you had a restful vacation...
  I'm starting to play with source code more and more, and over the
weekend I compiled my first kernel. (It runs, barely.) I was wondering,
and I know I ve seen this somewhere, but cant find it, What Source do
use, and what patches that arent config options are you compiling in,
and where can I find the source for these patches? Also, can I just
compile in source Alsa Drivers? One thing I'm finding confusing is how
some kernels take alsa-kernal, while others take alsa-drivers. Also, you
said a while back that all youre kernels would be apci, and to just
disable acpi if unwanted, but some of the new kernel's I've seen on the
repository lately dont mention apci in the version, and they dont seem
to have apci functionality. one more silly question: What is the
"capabilities patch" and what does it do?
Pardon my ineptitude with linux, I'm kinda new.
Jim Wilferling <wolf67@comcast.net>