[PlanetCCRMA] guaranteed deadlock w/ 2.4.20-4.ll.acpi

Marc Heckmann mh@nadir.org
Wed May 14 07:18:02 2003

hi Rui,

is your machine UP or SMP? just to add another datapoint, my system is
UP and the soundcard is a SBLive! (emu10k1).

Also, the alsa version in the latest CCRMA is 0.9.2+CVS maybe the bug
lurks in the +CVS part.



On Wed, May 14, 2003 at 10:27:12AM +0100, Rui Nuno Capela wrote:
> I'll report a similar issue,
> > I am running redhat 8.0 with kernel-2.4.20-4.ll.acpi, jack-0.7.x (tried
> > 0.70.. and the freshly updated 0.71..) and ecasound. Filesystems are all
> > ext3.
> In my lab machine I have all this, but everything is compiled from source
> (not from planetccrma rpms). The kernel there is the latest from  stock,
> 2.4.21-rc1 with all the vaery same planetccrma's-core patches
> (low-letency, preemptble, variable-hz, capabilities, etc).
> > Even when I run jack without the "-R" switch and as an unpriviliged
> > user, using 2 simultaneous sessions of ecasound to record (ecasound -t:60
> > -i:jack_alsa -G:jack,ecasound_rec1,streaming -o stdout) as root with or
> > without the "-r" switch, my system will deadlock reliably and immeadiatly.
> > It still responds to pings but nothing else.
> The alsa-driver's are also built from source (from
> http://www.alsa-project.org). What makes me on topic is that I've recently
> experienced very similar total system lockups when the 0.9.3a drivers were
> in place. With the 0.9.2 ones everything works great as before.
> And the issue is NOT kinda probabilistic: the system ALWAYS freezed
> completely whenever the jackd daemon is fired up. The only solution was in
> backup to alsa-driver-0.9.2, after some bitter griefs :)
> > I am running with low-latency on. The system is remote, so it's sort of
> > a pain to test out different configurations. Has anyone else seen this?
> > I'd like to try with another kernel, but haven't gotten around to it
> yet. > Could it be the version of alsa? my alsa is the latest one from
> > planet-ccrma.
> In my case, the latest alsa-drivers were surely the ones to blame. Don't
> know if this helps you (didn't check what are the planetccrma's latest
> alsa drivers version). On my production machine, a planetccrma RH8 machine
> as yours, I'm sure I'm using 0.9.1 without any pain.
> All my filesystems are ext3 too.
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