[PlanetCCRMA] kernels and more kernels

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu May 8 18:28:01 2003

I've been thinking about kernels (and no, it is not because of the very
last message to the list, I had been composing this email before :-). It
always seems to be a problem for a (small?) percentage of Planet CCRMA
users (new hardware, need to build additional drivers and so on and so
forth). It may be a good idea to make another kernel available, the
stock (latest) RedHat kernel with the capabilities patch added so that
you can run jack as a non-root user (and maybe a couple of other
compatible patches from my kernel). 

So you would have the option of the newer Planet CCRMA kernel or the
stock RedHat kernel, all of them with matching ALSA drivers, of course.
Maybe the stock RedHat kernel will not have as good a latency as the
planet CCRMA kernel but it will have been tested on more hardware. As if
I did not have enough to do :-)

Obviously this will not help with very new motherboards. Until a new
version of the kernel comes along that knows how to deal with the new
hardware, the speed optimization will be missing. 

-- Fernando