[PlanetCCRMA] Problems with alsasound script

usharf@hotpop.com usharf@hotpop.com
Thu Mar 27 01:13:02 2003


I have come across you script fo allow alsa restart with hotplug and seem to 
have some problems with it on RedHat 8.1 (Phoebe 3). When I try runing it 
from a shell I get the following message:

./alsasound start
./alsasound: line 60: [: !=3D: binary operator expected
./alsasound: line 63: [: !=3D: binary operator expected
./alsasound: line 72: test: =3D: binary operator expected
./alsasound: line 73: test: =3D: binary operator expected

This is what I have, and I didn't change the script:

Lines 60-65:

if [ x$START_ALSA !=3D xno ]; then
if [ x$START_ALSA_SEQ !=3D xno ]; then

Lines: 71-73:

# Force execution if not called by a runlevel directory.
test $link =3D $base && START_ALSA=3Dyes
test "$START_ALSA" =3D yes || exit 0

thanks for your help,