[PlanetCCRMA] MIDI trouble

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Wed Mar 26 10:01:02 2003

> I'm really very sad that you'd think I didn't know about
> qjackconnect... :-o

Sorry Carlos. I don't know what anybody knows. There are many people who
have never turned on qjc and complain about getting sound at all, or don't
know about kaconnect and don't actually have MIDI hooked up. I was one of
them not too long ago.

It was not intended to be a reflection on you. I just had limited knowledge.

> It's not that, I do have sound. Let me tell you what I did last night.
> Connect qjackconnect and every synth is playing.
> then I cannot read midi from my keyboard and play it, but
> (timidity worked)

I'm not following. How is every synth playing if MIDI from the keyboard
won't play them? Rosegarden playing a prerecorded MIDI file I suppose?

> Now if I connect muse I can record midi to a track, and
> If I start rosegarden, I am able to play midi in the keyboard and
> then hear
> sound played from the keyboard "live" --> It's strange, or I am
> stuck in some
> idiot mistake (wich is very possible).

On my system, if I run Zyn, qjc and kaconnect, I can hook up MIDI to Zyn's
input, and hook up audio from Zyn's output, and hear MIDI. It seems you can
too IF you use RG, but you SHOULD be able to just using kaconnect and qjc,
assuming you make the right connections for your hardware and software.

I doubt this is the issue, but RG does have the ability to filter MIDI
events. Could it be filtering Note On/Off so there's nothing to record?

Sorry for not having better answers.