[PlanetCCRMA] Cardbus Woes / VXpocket

Bob Falesch raf@interaccess.com
Sun Mar 2 22:01:01 2003


Before getting into my woes on a first post to this list,
I'd like to commend Fernando on such a well organized effort
and the vitality of the group in general.

I'm having a tough time getting a VXpocket V2 to work, not
even getting to second base (I'm maybe on first base, as
snd-vxpocket seems to load and not abort). No matter what,
only my internal soundchip, i810, is recognized. The i810
seems to work fine and it's controllable by mixers, to the
degree I think it should (I'm a linux newbie, btw). i810
capture and playback both work fine, and this is under Alsa
-- as I was very careful to go through the Planet's steps to
remove OSS.

After it dawned on me that the problem may be PCMCIA rather
than soundcard/soundcard driver, per se, I did some
websearching and discovered this posting, which seems
relevant to me (even though he was struggling with a totally
different card), as I also have the i82801-BAM/CAM PCI
Bridge (rev 03) in my laptop, a Sony VAIO FX-190K:

	"...the problem I had (the CardBus HDSP card got an IRQ
from the system but no I/O port) came from the fact the
kernel did not handle correctly certain types of intel PCI
bridges (among which the 82801xx series that is found on my
Toshiba Satellite 3000-514 laptop). The patch and further
discussion can be found here:



I also read that this is fixed in kernel 2.4.20, and I get
the impression that Thomas applied this patch to his 2.4.19 
kernel. Before deluging this list with all my logs, scripts,
etc, should I attempt to apply this patch?  Is there
anything else I should consider first?  I'm running

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