[PlanetCCRMA] Linux FileSystem choice in a Windows XP multiboot machine

dougall irving dougall irving" <dmi@smartelectronix.com
Sun Mar 2 21:04:01 2003

> I need some suggestions......i'm gonna do a dual boot machine with RedHat
> 8.0 based Planet CCRMA and Windows XP Pro (with Partition Magic 8.0)

I've found that partitioning before installation is a good idea.  This way
you wont have to resize partitions and probably wont need Partition Magic.
If you install XP first and then Redhat you can get redhat to setup GRUB
which is easy to use and configure ( and you wont need Boot Magic).  If you
install Windows XP on FAT32 instead of NTFS partitions then the windows
partitions can be mounted  read/write in linux.  8 gb FAT32 partitions will
give you the best performance under Windows.