[PlanetCCRMA] alsa-kernel woes

Patrice Tisserand Patrice.Tisserand@ircam.fr
Thu Jul 10 09:13:01 2003

On Thu, 2003-07-10 at 17:35, Aaron wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been installing/uninstalling kernels/alsa for the last month.
> I am unable to get alsa working no matter how hard I try.
> I am running rh 9.0 with a SB live.
> I used a custom kernel so I could use win4lin but I got no alsa, so I
> used the planet smp kernel and still no alsa.
> I am having some weird problems like to reinstall rh 9.0 after I
> accedently did a UVh during a kernel install, I had to disabled the
> onboard scsi in my bios, figure it, anyways
> I installed the planet smp kernel (not the redhat one)
> I tried alsaconf but it didn't find my card.
> I updated /etc/modules.conf from the alsa site.
> when I tried to remove the oss driver but the command returned:
> root@bzq-218-14-208 aamehl]# /sbin/rmmod emu10k1
> emu10k1: Device or resource busy
> [root@bzq-218-14-208 aamehl]# /sbin/rmmod sound
> sound: Device or resource busy
> [root@bzq-218-14-208 aamehl]# /sbin/rmmod soundcore
> soundcore: Device or resource busy
> [root@bzq-218-14-208 aamehl]# /sbin/rmmod ac97_codec
> ac97_codec: Device or resource busy
> [root@bzq-218-14-208 aamehl]#
> so what do I do???
Maybe an audio application is running when you try to unload sound*
Check for artsd (KDE) or esd (GNOME).

> Thanks
> Aaron
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