[PlanetCCRMA] another kernel patch

Florin Andrei planetccrma@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Jul 5 00:22:01 2003

Anyone else played with the Con Kolivas kernel on a multimedia


In my experience, this kernel has the best responsiveness under all
kinds of loads. No matter what you do, the system remains responsive.
This is probably a result of the O(1) batch scheduler, the VM
improvements, the read latency and the scheduler tuning.
(That read latency thing is awesome! Even when you do a "cat /dev/zero >
/testfile" you can still read files easily; the read and the write
operations become "decoupled" almost completely.)
When i compare it to CK, the PlanetCCRMA kernel seems to have a somewhat
poorer interactivity, especially under heavy load. Things like switching
desktops or unminimizing windows are slower under the PlanetCCRMA
kernel, when compared to the Con Kolivas kernel (or even compared to the
Red Hat kernel).

OTOH, i'm not sure how good the CK kernel is to do things like digital
audio recording (a la Ardour), if you compare it to the PlanetCCRMA
kernel. Sure, it still has the low latency patch, but i wonder what
happens if you don't include the DRM, the ALSA RTC and the capabilities
patches (which are included in the PlanetCCRMA kernel but not in the CK
(What is this DRM thing anyway?)

Ideally, i'd like to use a combination of the PlanetCCRMA kernel and the
Con Kolivas kernel, but i'm not sure how well all those things would go

Anyone can shed some light please?

Florin Andrei