[PlanetCCRMA] Continuing technical difficulties

ian esten deviant@custard.org
Thu Jul 3 13:10:03 2003

this is actually the fault of real player. it registers itself to handle
.rpm files. i get this same behaviour under linux. you can either right
click the link or shift click (i think) to download the link target.

On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 15:55, BartonBosch@aol.com wrote:
> After having downloaded about a half dozen files from the planet three
> or four days ago, IE is suddenly trying to run files requested for
> download through Real Player.  Everytime I click on a download link on
> the Planet site, instead of the download dialog box popping up (as it
> does on other sites), Real Player pops up.  It had been popping up
> behind my browser window, so that it looked like nothing at all was
> popping up when I clicked on a link.  Now it is popping up on top of
> the browser window.  If this is some kind of advertising ploy, it is
> not an intelligent one.
> Have there been changes made to the CCRMA site?  
> About three days ago, I was able to download files without a problem
> other than the broken libsndfile link.  Should I assume that this is
> the result of either: 1) poorly written software suddenly
> malfunctioning in a new way;  or, 2) malicious interference on the
> part of someone who should know better?  
> I have reinstalled my all of my browser software from disk, removed
> many megs of security update downloads, etc.  And none of this solves
> the problem.  It also makes it highly improbable that the problem is
> at my end.  Anyone have any helpful suggestions? 
> Thanks,
> Barton
ian esten <deviant@custard.org>