[PlanetCCRMA] Radio Timeshifting question (command line sound recording)

Dparsavand@aol.com Dparsavand@aol.com
Fri Jan 31 09:32:01 2003

I'm looking forward to running Planet CCRMA on Redhat 8.1, but since I couldn't get 8.0 to work for my sound card (Intel D845GBV onboard) using ALSA or OSS, I've just been playing around with Phoebe2 (where OSS seems to be working) trying to get a Radio Timeshifting system working.  I went to the Linux Radio Timeshift HOWTO page (osl.iu.edu/~tveldhui/radio) and modified the scripts to get it to work with ogg and my Redhat install.

I ended up using rawrec instead of soxrec and this is where my question arises.  My cron job is running a few nested scripts, but the main thing it does is call

/usr/local/bin/rawrec -t $1 | oggenc - -r -q1 --downmix --resample 16000 -o $BASENAME.ogg

It actually works about half the time, but the other half I get a mail from cron stating:

rawrec: could not open /dev/dsp for reading: Device or resource busy

Now I wasn't even using the computer at the time this fails, and besides I thought my soundcard was full duplex anyway (though maybe the OSS driver coming with Phoebe2 isn't)

Does anyone have any alternate suggestions of how to set up a Radio Timeshifting system?  Are there better choices besides rawrec?  Does it make a difference if I have ALSA installed?

Dara Parsavand