[PlanetCCRMA] Kernel Panic 2

youyou julien.cochennec@wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 26 14:53:01 2003

I've read the old messages and i think i have the same problem.
i've installed the 2.4.19 kernel, and then reboot to test it, it starts very
fast and stop on lines ide0 and ide1, instead of finding my HD type ( the
older kernel 2.4.18-17 used to display "Maxtorblablabla..." and go on just
where the 2.4.19 fails and stops.)

my chipset is nforce2, i've installed alsa rpms but i did nothing else
before it fails, i can't install my onboard sound, i also have a creamware
card in my computer, i don't know much about it, should i try anything or
should i wait for the next upgrade?

i'm going to change bios configuration to solve an irq problem between my
onboard sound and another peripheral i don't know.

congratulations for your isos, i found them great, it's much easy to install
even for a newbie like me ( i've found the answer to my cd burning
question ).

i'm really looking forward to using those linux apps, i hope my newbie
questions won't bother you all.