[PlanetCCRMA] Re: PlanetCCRMA digest, Vol 1 #156 - 3 msgs

carlosfigueiredo@ritualnet.pt carlosfigueiredo@ritualnet.pt
Fri Jan 24 07:04:01 2003


I think I know what you mean, and I'll make sure and try not to be (too) biased.
Actually in my own experience I faced some moments of frustration, and actually 
only got over them after I met You!
I was really going crazy with installing stuff, configuring, tweaking, 
compiling, recompiling, so I realy admire what Planet CCRMA is doing.
Especially for a guy like me that likes to try out new stuff but can easily get 
carried away and end up messing things.
Only recently I could say out loud that what I had in hands was "Production 
Able" and still my setup has to face the tests of recording my actual/future 
projects, but as I see it now it's easy, powerful, and more flexible than I 
ever dreamed of.
And that is also why I think its interesting to talk about it.
I'll send you the presentation if they agree to my proposal (it's May/June).

If you ever come to Portugal (nice vacation garanteed) be sure to let me know.
I heard on the list someone is oweing you tons of beer, so (if it's not too 
hot), I can offer you a nice portuguese wine.