[PlanetCCRMA] Compiling ardour

Emiliano Grilli Emiliano Grilli <emillo@libero.it>
Mon Jan 13 03:58:01 2003

> In my experience Ardour compiles fine with gcc 3.2 (redhat 8.0). Are you
> getting the segfaults always in the same place? Where?
  No, I get sgfaults at random places, but reissuing "make" the
  compilation process go ahead and with 3 or 4 times I can get ardour to
  compile. I also applied the patch that causes ardour to exit when
  opening a session.

  Now my problem is related to the .asoundrc: I have a midiman Dio 2448
  and so the only way to have audio inputs is the spdif in. In previous
  installations, I get ardour and jack to work with:

  pcm.dio {
  	type hw
  	card 0
	device 2  <-- the spdif!!
  ctl.dio {
  	type hw
	card 0
  but now this doesn't work anymore... jack only starts if I remove the
  "device 2" from my .asoundrc.

  Anyone knows why? The devices seems correctly set up (arecord -Dhw:0,2
  works fine)


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