[PlanetCCRMA] ES1969 Solo-1 MIDI port help

Steve Harris S.W.Harris@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Jan 12 12:13:01 2003

On Sun, Jan 12, 2003 at 10:50:39 -0800, Mark Knecht wrote:
> So the next step is Rosegarden! ;-)
> So, I guess, I don't understand what your next step is? Did you want to
> do some MIDI stuff and drive an external synth? Maybe load RG from the
> Planet RPM. It's a bit out of date, but pretty good, and comes with a
> bunch of demo MIDI files.
> Or are you recording from a keyboard or some other MIDI device?

I want to control AMS from a midi floor controller, it sends notes and
CC's, I think.

- Steve