[PlanetCCRMA] RH 8.0 Upgrade

Carr Wilkerson carrlane@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Jan 5 10:36:02 2003

Thanks Fernando.

I updated the sources.conf and apt.conf.  And as you said there were the 
following dependency messages:

WARNING: 'gamix' has 2 packages with same version but different 
dependencies. That usually means a packaging bug.
WARNING: 'iemlib' has 2 packages...(same)
WARNING: 'gltt' has 2 packages...
WARNING: 'libogg' has 2 packages...
WARNING: 'snd-guile' has 2 packages...
WARNING: 'ggee' has 2 packages...
WARNING: 'snd-motif' has 2 packages...
WARNING: 'curl' has 2 packages...
WARNING: 'snd-utils' has 2 packages...

... so, I try to remove some of them and get, for example...

[root@tauzin apt]# rpm -e gamix
error: package gamix is not installed
[root@tauzin apt]# rpm -e gltt
error: Failed dependencies:
        libgltt.so.0 is needed by (installed) gem-0.87-1
[root@tauzin apt]# rpm -e snd-guile
error: Failed dependencies:
        libguile.so.14 is needed by (installed) snd-motif-6.2-1
        /usr/lib/snd/bin/guile is needed by (installed) snd-6.2-1

hmmm...  I suppose I'm getting my much needed indoc on dependencies...
What do I need to do?



> 	I just upgraded to RH 8.0 with iso images recently downloaded.  I 
> selected the 'upgrade' option during installation.   I noticed that the 
> apps previously installed with planetCCRMA are still there. I wonder if 
the 'upgrade' 
> option was the best?

Should be fine, I guess. 

> 	Interestingly, the 2.4.18-14 kernel which came with RH 8.0 halts 
> in mid boot, but the previously configured (with RH 7.3) planetCCRMA 
> kernel 2.4.19-11, which is still avail in GRUB, seems to work fine.  pd 
> and xmms audio out... check.  

So far so good...

> 	One more thing, when I boot the 2.4.19-11 kernel from GRUB, I did 
> a
> rpm -q kernel
> and got...
> kernel-2.4.18-14

The planet ccrma uniprocessor kernel is named "kernel-up", try that
instead. To see which kernel you are running type "uname -r"

> I am sure that there are some newbie misunderstandings, wrapped up in 
> these questions.
> I guess my question is, what is the status of my machine with regard to 
> how to proceed with planetCCRMA in RH 8.0?  Should I have chosen a 
> different installation type?

No, it is probably fine. I guess you have to update your
/etc/apt/sources.list to point to the 8.0 repository and try doing an
apt-get update. You may get messages saying that there are packages
installed that have different dependencies than the ones in the
repository, that is because the planet ccrma packages you installed were
compiled under redhat 7.3 and the repository is now full of 8.0 packages
(and there may small differeces in the library versions of the
dependencies). In that case what you can do to fix this is erase the
packages that apt complains about, and reinstall them from the 8,0

-- Fernando

Carr L. Wilkerson, Jr.
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)