[PlanetCCRMA] pd -jack shows no interface and...

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Feb 13 12:11:02 2003

> It's really just to inform you of my experience with latest pd. It works OK 
> without jack, but does not start the same way when jack server is running, it 
> tries to connect but seems unable.

I can't reproduce that here. Both pd and alsa-patch can connect to the
jack server (on RedHat 8). Can other applications use the jack server?
Do you see any other error messages when trying to start pd? 

> to be responding Ok, I've noticed (here comes my point) that they've 
> released "own" jackified versions of audacity/freebirth, wich is nice, I don't 
> know if those rpms could be placed here, but at least is good to know.

They are debian packages. I could make redhat specific rpms for them,
I'll take a look. 

> Finally, some of you may know already that soundtracker is now also jackified, 
> but I've tried to compile CVS and was not able, so I'll wait for a new 
> release...

I think there was a patch floating around but it was not against cvs but
0.6.6. I have it in my list...

Regarding freezes with swami, I would try running jack without -R to see
if you can get things to freeze that way. Most likely you will not be
able to. In which case most probably swami is entering a never ending
loop while in SCHED_FIFO and then that's it...

-- Fernando