[PlanetCCRMA] pd -jack shows no interface and...

carlosfigueiredo@ritualnet.pt carlosfigueiredo@ritualnet.pt
Thu Feb 13 07:03:02 2003


It's really just to inform you of my experience with latest pd. It works OK 
without jack, but does not start the same way when jack server is running, it 
tries to connect but seems unable.
But I'm really not (yet) a pd user, and I'm totally unexperienced with it so 
it's not really very important for me, just thought I'd put it on the list if 
maybe others have the same response.
Also alsa-patch-bay doesn't want to connect with jack..alsa is fine though!

Finally as I'm currently following developments in the Planet (wich is 
currently my main and "stable" system, where I try not to compile too much or 
add new stuff, especially if it implies new libraries and stuff, and also I 
have a Debian boot where I get packages from debian/demudi sid (unstable) and 
that machine is where I try out in a more irresponsible way, although it seems 
to be responding Ok, I've noticed (here comes my point) that they've 
released "own" jackified versions of audacity/freebirth, wich is nice, I don't 
know if those rpms could be placed here, but at least is good to know.

Finally, some of you may know already that soundtracker is now also jackified, 
but I've tried to compile CVS and was not able, so I'll wait for a new 

As a final note, I've compiled swami with jack support (getting tedious, ain't 
I), it's working great except for two incidents:

1 -- First when I connect the keyboard to the synth directly I press the key 
once and get repetitive sound of the same note (it doesn't fade...), but when I 
connect through rosegarden it works just fine.

2 -- occasionally when restarting the swami drivers or when I try out several 
samples, and play harder, I sometimes freeze my system totally, can't even kill 
anything and have to reset the machine...! any ideas from anyone?

it could be a bug in the app?


Carlos Miguel Figueiredo