[PlanetCCRMA] updated: freqtweak, jack-rack, alsaplayer, pd and friends and more...

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Feb 11 18:36:02 2003

Here it goes... trying to keep up with the world is getting harder :-)

* updated Freqtweak to version 0.4.6-1, very nice changes... still
  waiting for an api to all that neat stuff :-)
* updated Liblrdf to version 0.2.2-1
* updated Jack Rack to version 1.3.0-1, again nice functionality updates
* updated Alsaplayer to version 0.99.74-1

* added Alsa Patch Bay version 0.5.1, an ALSA and Jack connection
  patchbay, start it with -d jack for jack functionality (which is
  similar to qjackconnect) or without arguments for alsa (similar to

Updated several rpms related to pd. Pd and Gem will come from their CVS
repositories now. I'm doing that in the case of Pd to get nice jack
support that I would have to otherwise hunt for. The new Pd autoprobes
first for jack, then for alsa and finally settles down on oss if no
decent sound driver can be found :-) So:

* updated Pd to version 0.36.0-2.cvs, cvs date 20030211.120137.
* updated Gem to version 0.87-4.cvs, cvs date 20030210.155359

The following updates were necessary for dependency purposes, no new

* updated Iemlib to release 1.12-1 (no changes in the sources)
* updated Zexy to release 1.1-2 (no changes in the sources)
* updated Ggee to release 0.24-3 (no changes in the sources)

Enough for today!
-- Fernando