[PlanetCCRMA] pro install

r a a p i e @ wanadoo raapie@wanadoo.nl
Mon Dec 29 00:12:00 2003


I am considering to install the Planet next year. But since I am a
professional musician who is using a lot great WindowsXP software, I am
still a bit afraid to do it. Ardour is still a beta program which might be
tricky to use professionaly. On the other hand Jack and ALSPA must be very
cool and maybe even better than rewire/VST.

I am using an RME Hammerfall which seems to be supported. I also have
installed both RedHat 4.5 and Suse 6 a couple of years ago, so I have some
experience. I am considering doing a Fedora installation by the way.

Are there any extra tips or good websites I should check out first? Or
should I just install it using the CCRMA installation routines?


Marco Raaphorst
a.k.a. raapie