[PlanetCCRMA] More newbie questions

Alex Timmer mijn_troep@yahoo.com
Sun Dec 21 06:10:02 2003

 --- Crispin <cc26@ohm.york.ac.uk> wrote: > Er, like the subject says.
> 1. How can I run non-jack apps like audacity or soundtracker, while
> jack is running (they otherwise return errors along the lines of
> "/dev/dsp audio device busy"?

donno. i can start audacity fine when running jack. maybe it is the
window manager's sound server thats claiming your /dev/dsp? with GNOME
you can look in the menu Preferences => Sound. unselect the "enable
sound server startup" option. 

> 2. LADCCA.  It seems that I'm meant to run LADCCA as root (or is that
> wrong?)  Why do I get messages from audio apps saying
> "/root/LADCCA/<something> exists, but we can't access it"?  Is it
> possible to start LADCCA automatically on bootup?  how?

you are supposed to run LADCCA as normal user. what version of LADCCA
do you have? i got the same message when i ran the older 0.3.1 from the
RH9 iso images. the current version 0.4.0 should have this fixed. see
also this recent thread on the ladcca mailinglist:


> 3. Memory.  I've only got 256M (never thought the day would come when
> that was little!)  Sometimes it all starts swapping.  Any hints on
> non-essential redhat processes I can kill?  how do I disable them
> permenantly?

well my computer also has 256MB and it also swaps heavily every now and
then, consuming lots of cpu cycles. but it has never caused me any
(recording) problems until now, i think audio apps run at higher

is the swapping causing you problems???

gr, ALEX

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