[PlanetCCRMA] Re: kernels from planetccrma and atrpms?( was Re: alsa-lib depends)

Alex Kruchkoff akruchkoff@iinet.net.au
Sat Dec 13 11:52:01 2003

Axel Thimm wrote:

>>apt (mine is apt-0.5.15cnc3-40.rh9.at) offers to remove Fernando's 
>>kernel and install Axel's kernel#2.4.20-20_29.rh9.at and alsa modules. I 
>>respond with "n" and as a workaround I use
>This looks wrong, as 2.4.22 is greater than 2.4.20.

>My personal view about the kernels is that I would like to merge the
>features of PlanetCCRMA and ATrpms' kernels. Helpers are more than
>welcome, especially when they feel kernel hacker blood in their
>veins. ;)
>Short description: One of PlanetCCRMA's kernels, as well as all
>ATrpms' kernels are based on RH's base kernel adding some
>features. These would probably fit together very nicely.
>But Fernando has need for some features (low latency and some other
>patches) which are more difficult to patch into RH's kernel, so he
>packages Linus kernel with the required patches, too.
>It would be nice, if we could get those parts together. Currently
>neither Fernando, nor I have much time, so helping hands are very much
>appreciated. If someone succeeds in putting the patches together,
>packaging is not an issue.
Thanks, Axel. My only wish list is ACPI patch, which is now a standard 
part of the 2.4 kernel starting from 2.4.22.
Before Fernando's kernel I was using my home built kernel from Suse (8.0 
or 8.2 ?) kernel src.

I'm not sure that Red Hat included it: may be in fedora, but I didn't 
test FC1 yet.