[PlanetCCRMA] adat hardware

Mark Knecht markknecht@comcast.net
Sun Aug 31 08:01:02 2003

On Sat, 2003-08-30 at 09:58, not8ohm wrote:
> hi,
> thanks Mark and Steve for your replies.  I was talking about cards with 
> an ADAT interface, as in the RME cards.  I'm a little confused by which 
> models are best for the job though.  On the RME website, the digi9636 
> and digi9652 list the ALSA drivers, whilst the newer HDSP models don't.  
> You say you are running the HDSP 9652 Mark, so I am assuming then that 
> this series IS alsa friendly but just not listed as so by RME.  Would 
> this be correct? 
> cheers
> Michael

   The RME site is not up to date. The HDSP 9652 driver is just coming
along now, really pretty recently. It was started some time ago by Paul
Davis I think, but that didn't include support the the internal mixer.
Recently Thomas Charbonnel did the work to get the internal mixer
working. This driver is not in CVS yet, but should be fairly soon. (Next
month or so.)

   I've been using the card & new driver now for 2-3. It's working
pretty well. All 26 outputs work at 44.1K. I have not tried other sample
rates. spdif in is not working, but spdif out is. hdspconf does not
correctly see a spdif sync when connected to an external spdif device.
Word clock outputs are working and allowing me to sync other devices to
the card. MIDI (at least one channel) is working fine, but I've only
tested MIDI out so far.

   RME is one of the more Linux friendly companies. They do seem to be
pretty open about supplying their specs so that Linux developers can
work on the drivers, but their site is not always updated immediately
when Linux stuff changes.

   I also use a Digi9636. It works fine also, so both of these cards
should give you the ADAT IO you are looking for.

Hope this helps,