[PlanetCCRMA] qjackctl when minimized

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Fri Aug 29 11:35:03 2003

> Yes I am, and thanks.

You are welcome. Thank you.

> The question in hand is obviously on the window manager's arena, so that
> window decorations including the window caption/title, are managed in
> different ways wether you're using KDE, Gnome, Fluxbox, whatever.

OK. As I said originally, this is nothing more than a minor bug report. It
doesn't effect the functionality as far as I can tell. It just surprised me
when I noticed it, and maybe other users will write more emails later if
it's not addressed.

> BTW, a new release for qjackctl is in the oven, readying to get out. Maybe
> tonight...

Enhancement request:

Could you maybe look at arranging the Jack connections in a purely numerical
list one of these days? My stereo alsaplayer goes to Playback_1 and
Playback_2 which are separated by a mile in the display of my 26 IOs, and I
end up with a lot of lines crossing over each other for stereo signal
sources. Larger IO cards have this problem which isn't even visible until
you get above 10 I/O's.

qjackconnect did this in it's early revisions also, but no longer does, so
maybe there's some code there if you want to just lift it.

Anyway, I really appreciate the control I get with this little app. I want
to test it with the new Jack that fixed the 'only capture' bug I ran across
a few weeks ago.