[PlanetCCRMA] Another Newbie Q

Chris Share cpsmusic@labyrinth.net.au
Tue Aug 26 00:18:01 2003


I changed the sources.list and apt.conf files as detailed in the tutorial.

Out of curiosity I then ran Synaptic. I searched for, and successfully 
downloaded Rosegarden, and while doing this, got the new kernel too. This 
made the process really easy.

I'm now going through the process of "Configuring the ALSA Sound Driver".

I have a few questions relating to this process:

1. When I restarted with the new kernel, "kudzu" discoveref some "new" 
hardware--my PCI audio card. Should I let "kudzu" configure it or should I 
ignore this?

2. I ran the "alsaconf" script, which I think worked successfully. However, 
I still haven't been able to make the card produce any sound. I assume this 
is because the OSS drivers are still loading. What I'm not clear about is 
the following:

"Don't forget to disable any lines in /etc/modules.conf that correspond to 
the oss sound driver kernel modules".

How do I know which lines these are? Are they the ones that end with "oss"?

3. I'm pretty sure that my soundcard driver is installed however, as 
mentioned in the guide, I need to un-mute and turn up the volume on it 
(step 5). Where do I find "alsamixer" and "envy24control"? Do I have to 
install these programs separately?


Chris Share