[PlanetCCRMA] cinelerra on athlon/duron

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Aug 22 10:29:00 2003

> > does anybody use cinelerra on a Duron machine ?
> > 
> > I had cinelerra-1.1.6-1.ath.rpm installed and was working perfectly. 
> > With the new package cinelerra-1.1.7-1.rh90.athlon, it is not usable 
> > anymore.  Here's what happen.  If I press play and the cursor is at
> > the beginning of the movie, there is no sound and I cannot stop it... I
> > have to kill cinelerra to make it stops.  However if the cursor is
> > somewhere else, it works.  Can somebody help me ?
> The same thing happens to me here on a P4 (using an rpm I built
> locally).  I have also excited the program normally only to find it
> hanging around still ("ps -aux").

Something similar used to happen to me too (unstoppable playback and
hanging processes after exit) and I found 1.1.7 much better in that
respect - in very limited tests. I think I had to initially tweak some
sound setting to get cinelerra to behave decently. I think it was in
"Preferences", "Playback", "Use software for positioning information".
Try to change the setting and see if this goes away. 

-- Fernando