[PlanetCCRMA] cm/clm/cmn update fails

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Aug 19 11:25:02 2003

> > When I did an "Upgrade All" via Synaptic, it hung, with a window with
> > the text "Rebuilding clm foreign function interface" open and the
> > following in the terminal window from which I started synaptic:
> >  
> > Error in function USE-PACKAGE:
> >    Use'ing package C-CALL results in name conflicts for these symbols:
> >  
> > Restarts:
> >   0: [CONTINUE] Unintern the conflicting symbols in the CLM package.
> >   1: [ABORT   ] Skip remaining initializations.
> >  
> > Debug  (type H for help)
> >  
> > (USE-PACKAGE "C-CALL" #<The CLM package, 1332/2387 internal, 769/1184
> > external>)Source: Error finding source:
> > Error in function DEBUG::GET-FILE-TOP-LEVEL-FORM:  Source file no longer
> > exists:  target:code/package.lisp.
> > 0]
> I just got another report with this problem so I'm reverting to the old
> 1.0-19 version for now. 
> I just found out what is happening, the update process is installing the
> new cmucl-cm-clm-cmn package _before_ the corresponding source packages
> so that the foreign function interface rebuild fails (because it is
> trying to use the source that corresponds to the older version for
> that). Anyway, I have to find a way to force the source packages to be
> upgraded first...

Very strange, rpm's "Requires:" tag (which is what I'm using) is
supposed to properly order the updates so that this can't happen. But I
saw it happen when I tried to reproduce the problem :-) It could be a
bug in apt but it calls rpm directly so that is unlikely. 

I'll be doing some tests in the planetedge repository for 8.0 so I would
take those urls out of /etc/apt/sources.list if you added them at some
point (for example if you were testing the newer experimental kernels). 

More latter...
-- Fernando