[PlanetCCRMA] udpated: jack; added: qjackctl

Tracey Anne Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Thu Aug 7 12:23:01 2003

Thanks Fernando,

I had already compiled Qjackctl and started looking at it when I realized it wasn't going to run with the jack from the planet archives that was on this machine.

I had also downloaded the newest jack and was getting ready to compile that too, because it had fixes for some of the problems;  When I decided to check the planet archives while in mozilla.

Anyway, I grabbed the rpms from the archives just after you put them there(before you announced/aded to change log(my favorite page)) and installed the rpms.

Thanks for getting this together so quickly.

Another thanks for doing the "postfix" thing to the archives, it really helps keep track of what belongs with what. I always had to be so very carefull about putting any downloaded rpms in their correct directories on the server here;  so as not to mix up the redhat versions.

My next software compile/install/try will probably be gmorgan, unless you happen to have the extra time(not) to get it packaged up also :)