[PlanetCCRMA] More RH9

Josh Steiner josh@vitriolix.com
Sun Apr 20 17:30:02 2003

i get the same problem on my fresh rh9 install, aparently people who 
upgraded from rh8 -> rh9 have no issues.  does anyone know how to work 
around this?


Amar wrote:

> Hi all,
>    I just installed a fresh RH9 on a new machine, and minutes later 
> started installing Planet CCRMA ;)
>    I have encounted a problem with the "apt-get install 
> platnetccrma-core" step, it first complained that the requested kernel 
> (2.4.20-4.11.acpi) is older than the current (2.4.20-8) and then gave 
> up while trying to download/install the ALSA kernel drivers.   apt-get 
> is now in this state where it asks me to do an "apt-get -f install", 
> but then crashes with the error message:
> E: sub-process /bin/rpm returned an error code (2)
> and so far I have been unable to get any further than this.  Is there 
> an easy way to clean up and start over again, or should I be waiting a 
> little bit before installing?
>    Thanks.
>    -Amar
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