[PlanetCCRMA] odd behavior of my linux

Josh Steiner josh@vitriolix.com
Fri Apr 11 12:25:02 2003

"I'm truly sorry that you do not appear to agree that the time we users 
invest is worth something too."

I'm not interested in a flamewar on this list, but Mark, i'm sure you 
can see that i never did say that user input is worthless and i dont 
appriciate you bending my words.  i specifically said constructive 
feedback is valuable, but that the general and directionless ranting 
that i was responding to is hurtfull.  I have spent on average 10+ hours 
per week as a user/beta tester for various free software projects for 
over 6 years now, believe me when i say i think targeted and 
constructive user input is very helpful.  I think my point is clear and 
i'll drop this here.


Mark Knecht wrote:

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>>guys, ever heard the phrase "dont look a gift horse in the mouth"?  the
>>developers who code these applications in their free time for fun and
>>not profit owe you and I exactly nothing.  aimless and over-general
>>complaining about what linux and its applications lack (which i assure
>>you, most developers already are well aware) only manages to demoralize
>>the community.  if you have specific problems, please bring them up, but
>>lamaneting the general state of things does no one any good.  especially
>>on this forum which is so far the biggest boon towards both of your
>>goals (an easy to use audio workstation) that i have yet seen in my
>>near-10 years of linux experience.
>   You are welcome to your opinion. I support it and your right to state it.
>Like you, I agree, and said so above, that if it wasn't for the service that
>Fernando provides here at the Planet, I wouldn't even be bothering anymore.
>   As for what the developer's provide, it isn't free, and it isn't a gift
>either. They look to users to test their software. They all get enthused
>when people start using it. I, and others like me, invest our time 'for fun
>and not for profit' as you say, to help make the whole environment better.
>   As for specific problems with applications, they are better addressed on
>the developer's reflector for that specific app. This is far more a user's
>forum where we can certainly compare our results, good or bad. I do not
>raise specific application issues here at all. They are not Fernando's
>   I'm truly sorry that you do not appear to agree that the time we users
>invest is worth something too.
>With best regards,
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