[PlanetCCRMA] odd behavior of my linux

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Fri Apr 11 11:38:02 2003

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> guys, ever heard the phrase "dont look a gift horse in the mouth"?  the
> developers who code these applications in their free time for fun and
> not profit owe you and I exactly nothing.  aimless and over-general
> complaining about what linux and its applications lack (which i assure
> you, most developers already are well aware) only manages to demoralize
> the community.  if you have specific problems, please bring them up, but
> lamaneting the general state of things does no one any good.  especially
> on this forum which is so far the biggest boon towards both of your
> goals (an easy to use audio workstation) that i have yet seen in my
> near-10 years of linux experience.
> -josh

   You are welcome to your opinion. I support it and your right to state it.
Like you, I agree, and said so above, that if it wasn't for the service that
Fernando provides here at the Planet, I wouldn't even be bothering anymore.

   As for what the developer's provide, it isn't free, and it isn't a gift
either. They look to users to test their software. They all get enthused
when people start using it. I, and others like me, invest our time 'for fun
and not for profit' as you say, to help make the whole environment better.

   As for specific problems with applications, they are better addressed on
the developer's reflector for that specific app. This is far more a user's
forum where we can certainly compare our results, good or bad. I do not
raise specific application issues here at all. They are not Fernando's

   I'm truly sorry that you do not appear to agree that the time we users
invest is worth something too.

With best regards,