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Alex Timmer mijn_troep@yahoo.com
Thu Apr 10 02:19:01 2003

hello Jim,
this VIA KT86c686 referres to the 'southbridge' chip on your
motherboard. that is the one with the build-in sound. so when your
'sound stuff' finds this driver and it matches your motherboard
chipset i would say you are alright. 


 --- Jim Wilferling <wolf67@comcast.net> wrote: > nother interesting
point, Is I dl'd and have been studying my
> motherboard manual. Supposedly the on-board sound supports
> soundblaster
> emulation...whatever that means. and its (or supports) AC97 audio
> controller. But my sound stuff finds, lists, and uses drivers for
> Via
> KT86C686 blah blah,. So I'm wondering what the relationship is with
> this
> stuff.
>    Again, I know you're busy as heck, and please dont think I mean
> to
> eat up all your time with this (I spread It around, though...Mark
> Knecht
> Is helping me a bunch.)
>   So thanks a lot!
> Jim
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