[PlanetCCRMA] UPDATE: a BIG round of updates...

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Apr 9 18:50:03 2003

Anyway, I'm sick of compiling and changing documentation links and
compiling and checking to see if everything needed is there... and
checking again, so... I'll unleash the changes :-) ;-) :-P

More details in the ChangeLog at the Planet CCRMA web site. 

Mainly, the new packages that were built for RedHat 9 in the past few
days have been rebuilt for all other RedHat versions. This is what has
changed (in particular, Jack has changed to version 0.67.2):

* Packages with new versions:

Alsa Modular Synth, Avifile, Ecasound, Freqtweak, Gamix, Jack, LADCCA,
Libjackasyn, Libmpeg3, Mjpegtools, Smilutils, SpiralSynthModular, SWH
Plugins, Timidity-eawpats, ZynAddSubFX, FFTW...

* Packages updated as a side effect of the Jack or FFTW updates (or
  because of other small changes that do not affect the main version):

Alsa Patch Bay, Alsaplayer, amSynth, Ceres3, Iiwusynth, Jack Rack,
Meterbridge, Muse, Pd, Qjackconnect, Rosegarden4, Snd, Tapiir

* Packages that are broken (so far) by the Jack upgrade:

Ecamegapedal, Soundtracker. 

The web page has been updated (but not completely). The changelog
reflects now the new and updated packages and the "preliminary" RedHat 9
repository. The rpm links in all pages should work, as well as the
indication of which versions of RedHat are supported by each package.
More changes in the documentation will be coming soon, but I think this
is a good start (and my eyes are REALLY tired :-) 

-- Fernando