[PlanetCCRMA] Additional audio programs

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Sep 16 10:57:01 2002

> O.K.  Here are a few I have found that sound
> interesting,
> aconnectgui
> AlsaMixerGui
> ASeqView
> iiwusynth
> JAZZ++ ?

For that functionality I have Muse.

> SLab ?

I looked at it and did not really like it... depends on what
you are interested in. It looks like it is geared towards
stereo only (I seem to remember it does not come with full
source although that is not a problem in itself). For mixing
I'm waiting for Ardour.

> pmidi
> jMax
> Rosegarden ?

I'm looking at it.

> Virtual Keyboard

Nice list, most of them I'd like to incorporate to Planet
CCRMA (and I have already tested some), it is just a matter of
time (meaning having the time to do that).

> >According to the error message in configure.log I
> think it needs an
> >_older_ version of fltk (1.0.x instead of 1.1.x).
> I'll see what I can do.
> Interesting, if you find out what to do could you let
> me know?  I have had this problem in the past many
> times and not know how to work it out.  Thank you.

Of course there are ways out. But they are not 5 minute hacks.
The right thing to do is to patch the offending programs to
use the new fltk version. The workaround involves:

- remove the new fltk (which will leave some apps in a
  temporary non functioning state)
- install the old fltk
- compile the programs that need the old fltk (make rpms)
- modify the fltk rpm to create a "backwards compatibility
  package" that only includes the libraries that the programs
  need, hopefully it is possible to do that and _not_ conflict
  with the libraries of the new fltk
- install the backwards compatibility package, the new fltk,
  and the newly compiled programs.
- everything works :-)

-- Fernando